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About Our School

Denton Mission Statement - June 2019


         High academic achievement is central at Denton, yet we possess a higher value for INDIVIDUAL STUDENT GROWTH. It is important to us that we support and foster the academic and social-emotional learning of each Denton Dragon irrespective of his/her starting point. We want our school to be a safe place for students to make mistakes, self-reflect, and uphold a growth mindset as they learn at challenging levels.

      We share a belief that all students and adults bring VALUE to the Denton family. We will always seek to model high standards of CARE and KINDNESS, and we are committed to explicitly teaching these values to our dragons. The inclusion of students with special needs is fundamental to our Denton family, and we will seek to create a school community that lives out acceptance, empathy, and friendship.

      We are educators who believe that EVERY STUDENT should experience SUCCESS within the walls of our school, and it is our role to foster, nurture, and find those areas that can be celebrated. Adults will work diligently to provide clarity in our communication of student expectations- both behaviorally and academically. We want our school to be a positive, joy-filled place where both student and adult learning is engaging, meaningful, and collaborative.

      At Denton, we want to develop our dragons into RESPECTFUL CITIZENS who are growing in their ability to act responsibly. Curiosity and academic questioning will be encouraged and fostered. Hard work, ambition, and scholarly habits will be nurtured. All voices will be considered and honored. Student leaders will be developed through teamwork and accountability. Our dragons will be taught to support one another in ways that build connections and cultivate growth.

     Our relationships with our students’ FAMILIES are VITAL to our success. We are excited about the opportunity to partner in the education of each Denton Dragon, and we will always seek to foster strong lines of communication. It is our hope that family members will seek out meaningful ways to be involved in their student’s learning at Denton Elementary School.